Being a commercial and industrial photographer can be a challenging occupation, but after 25 years of supplying imagery and undertaking commissions for a wide range of business clients, I can confidently guarantee to supply your photography requirements whatever your project might involve and wherever that may take me.

My photography assignments are as individual as the leading companies who commission me to work for them. My diverse portfolio includes creative and compelling images of creative studio photography, corporate portraits, industrial processes and editorial storytelling.

I have built strong relationships with customers in advertising, graphic design, manufacturing, engineering, production capabilities across the UK, Europe and worldwide. I work closely with clients to plan all aspects of the shoot and my collaborative style makes me distinctive.

Good commercial and industrial photography requires logistical and risk-based planning to ensure that the shoot results in stunning pictures that won’t compromise production, quality, safety or confidentiality.

My images speak for themselves, and enable my clients to showcase elements of their business that might otherwise remain unseen by their potential customers and investors.

After 25 years of working professionally, I still get a buzz from talking to new clients, hearing about their business and exploring ways of visually representing their products, stories and ethos.