A Personal Perspective

One of my favourite personal images taken on assignment recently in China. Taken with my favourite  camera, the Leica M-P 240 and one of my all-time, awesome lenses, the Leica 35mm Summilux FLE. The stunning mist covered architecture of the Longyin Temple at The Bamboo Sea in Sichuan Province was one of the first amazing places I visited on my seven day tour. #Leica #FineArtPhotography #china


Denis Thorpe - A View From The North

An honour, pleasure to meet, see his photography and hear a talk from the award winning former Guardian photojournalist Denis Thorpe at Stockport Art Gallery on the launch of his new book, A VIew from the North. An amazing life in photography and fantastic photojournalism. The exhibition runs until Saturday 20th October. https://www.stockport.gov.uk/upcoming-exhibitions/a-view-from-the-north

Denis Thorpe-Photographer.jpg

The Importance of RAID 1

Just had one of the two 4TB drives fail in my @G-Tech Thunderbolt RAID. Thankfully I had it set up as RAID 1 so that in the event of this happening, all your data is protected. Well worth losing half the overall storage capacity for. Great tech support from G-Technology. No images were lost or harmed in the making of this blog! #DiskFailure #NothingLost #Sorted 


A Day Out At The Societies Roadshow in Wigan

Fab day @TheSocieties Roadshow in Wigan, even though my loyalties lie @Saints1890🤔 Looking forward to my new membership. Also good to see @DaveShandley, chat with @TheFlashCentre, hear some great speakers, see Chris @thebipp and check out @GodoxPhoto @Photomart amongst others! Well worth a visit👍

February Snow at the Studio

Just to remind us that we're still in winter, Mother Nature decided to dump a generous amount of snow on us overnight in the evening of Sunday 11th February 2018. I happily rescheduled some scheduled admin' in favour of a morning walk from the studio to Dove Stone Reservoir walking along the private road past the abandoned Fletchers Paper Mill, naturally accompanied by the excited BumbleDog.

My camera of choice for the trip, my Leica MP240 with the Leica 21mm Super Elmar, the Leica 35mm Summilux FLE and the Leica 90mm Summicron ASPH lenses. Having recently acquired the 35mm Summilux, I was keen to try it out and unusually for me, I decided to leave my favourite Leica lens behind, the 50mm Summilux ASPH.

The walk was awesome, so much texture and great light, fantastic conditions to compliment the Leica lenses, especially the micro contrast in the 35mm Summilux and the 21mm Super Elmar. I think this must be a first for me, I actually used all of the lenses in my bag, not a bad first after all these years.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them, naturally, fine-art prints are available in any size and any finish from the ones published, with a 10% discount for anyone quoting #PhilsBlogOffer

Thanks for looking.